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Many of the enquiries we receive relate to the cost of building a garage. What if you already have an unused garage and want to convert it into accommodation and useable living space? A garage conversion can be a cost-effective way of  providing more family bedroom space. A standard single garage will give you around 14m2 extra room. You could put that to very good use as another bedroom, a multipurpose room, a new kitchen, child's playroom, home office, home gym…there are lots of options. Garage conversions tend to be much cheaper than a loft  conversion or building an extension, especially if you’re currently only using your garage to store junk (guilty!).


As ever, the final cost will depend on where you are in the country, the exact specification of your existing garage and the space you want to create.

However, as a guide, a standard single garage conversion will cost between £10k and £15k. If you add a kitchen or bathroom, the costs are likely to go up, depending on your tastes.

Compare that to a 3 x 4m extension which could cost upwards of £15k, and a garage conversion begins to look like a very good option.